24-7 Ship Spares
2030 E. Gladwick St. Unit A

Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220

Ph: 310-631-3440

Fx: 310-631-3780
24HR: (310)245-0985
24HR: (310)803-7143

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What Sets 24-7 Ship Spares apart
from the competition?

Experienced and Trained People- Our expertise in the Ship Spares

Industry ensures that spares are delivered on-time to a ship that

may well be on a tight schedule and limited port of call.

Location of the warehouse- 24-7 Ship Spares operates

from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and is located within

8 miles of the major port complexes in Southern California

Worldwide Network- This ensures prompt collection and delivery

of all types of marine spares to vessels anywhere in the world

Ability to Handle Odd-Sized Cargo- No shipment is too big or too

small for 24-7 Ship Spares to handle. Our own dedicated

flatbed truck allows smooth handling of even the large out-sized spares

One Stop Contact- Our specialists, assigned to your account,

will handle your shipment from the initial instructions through

documentation, loading and delivery of the cargo. We are on call

24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

On Time Delivery- 24-7 Ship Spares prides itself on

accomplishing on-time, no matter how close the time parameters are.